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Easy export of reports across PDF, Word, CSV, Etc.

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Guest 5 months ago in  0

I would like to run experiments on images, instead of text

For example, maybe I'm an architect who is designing a new floorplan. I'd like to run a DCE on new architecture floorplans to determine which features cause buyers to purchase my apartment unit. Another example, maybe I want to create programmatic...
Avi Yashchin 8 months ago in  1

Quick sharing of studies with other users

Have different levels of visibility and ability to lock report
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Ability to easily share Experiment Results - social / viral / growth hacking + Sales.

Many test users would like their experiments to be private, others would like the ability to easily share their experiments. This could be either a live link to an R Shiny instance, or this could be an exportable PDF that we can use/share for expe...
Avi Yashchin 7 months ago in  0

Sync feedback from call transcripts, survey data, emails, and third party User Profiles to build higher-quality personas.

In order to build higher-quality population and market simulations. Integrate with third party data such as Canny, Clickup,, G2, Github, Google Forms, HotJar, ProductBoard, Qualtrics, Reddit, Salesforce, Slack, Survey Monkey, Typeform. S...
Avi Yashchin 4 months ago in  0

Send out 10% of tasks to actual humans to increase confidence in synthetic results real-time.

People want to a/b test our capabilities against humans. There are some options including MTurk, and Cint.
Avi Yashchin 4 months ago in  0

Measure real-time synthetic respondent forms to real respondents. Evaluate real-time statistical power.

One of the key issues is to convince an independent observer that a generated responder is producing results that are better than a random guess. Suppose that we have a study, and in the course of this study respondents complete a standard form. S...
Avi Yashchin 4 months ago in  0 Planned

What's Missing - Suggestions on what should be tested

People who run experiments have an idea of what they want to know and might not be thinking of attributes that should also be considered to test specific to their use case... providing additional information to users after the experiment has concl...
Sharon Wingert 5 months ago in  0

Users can add their own data for analysis

There is a huge demand for giving an LLM your own data for analysis. This is something my company is doing via RAG (i.e. customers can interact with their unstructured knowledgebase via a chat interface) but we do not link it to any other data. To...
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Usage Monitoring

A basic report of all the reports run, shares, page visits, etc.
Guest 5 months ago in  0